Month: January 2019

Understanding How A 5-Ton Overhead Crane Can Benefit Your Business

There are a lot of reasons why investing in a 5-ton overhead crane is beneficial for your business. Understanding all of the advantages that these cranes bring to the table can help you decide whether or not you should buy one for your company.

When it comes to earning a profit, operating at maximum efficiency is absolutely essential. That is one area where overhead cranes shine. By making it faster and easier to lift and transport heavy objects, they can dramatically increase the overall efficiency of your company’s workflow. By enabling workers to accomplish more in less time, installing one of these cranes can provide a significant boost to your bottom line.

That isn’t the only benefit that overhead cranes have to offer. They also can help prevent injuries in the workplace. Some of the most common types of injuries that workers experience are caused by trying to lift items that are too heavy to be moved by hand. Straining to lift a heavy object off of the floor can result in back injuries and other types of injuries that can leave employees incapacitated.

Using an overhead crane helps eliminate this problem by taking the strain out of lifting heavy items. The crane itself bears the load, meaning that workers don’t need to subject their bodies to any type of strain. This dramatically decreases the likelihood of injuries occurring at work. As a result, employees are less likely to call in sick and they are less likely to file worker’s compensation insurance claims. From the standpoint of an employer, that is great news.

Overhead cranes also allow you to maximize the use of your space. A lot of businesses rely on forklifts for moving heavy objects. Although forklifts are usually capable of getting the job done, they aren’t nearly as efficient as overhead cranes. Additionally, forklifts require a lot of room to maneuver. That means that you have to leave large spaces in your shop, warehouse, or building for the forklift to back up and turn around.

When you use an overhead bridge crane, that problem is eliminated. The crane is usually attached to the walls of the building high overhead. That means that it doesn’t take up any floor space. Because of the way it is designed, it can also reach any area that falls underneath its path. As a result, you can utilize the entire floor underneath the crane without having to leave extra space for a forklift to maneuver.

Purchasing a 5-ton overhead crane can be extremely beneficial for your business. This is particularly true if your company has to regularly move heavy objects around. Whether you are in the manufacturing industry or in another industry like shipping or warehousing, adding one of these cranes to your building can increase efficiency and improve workplace safety. At the same time, it can also help you get the most out of your space. All in all, it is definitely worth considering investing in one of these cranes if you are looking for a way to make more money with your business.

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Different Uses Of Semi Gantry Crane

You must have come across a few gantry cranes or overhead cranes if you have ever been to a warehouse or a shipyard or even an auto mechanic shop. While the cranes used at an auto mechanic shop are much smaller in size, the working principle remains the same. Gantry cranes are common but there are also semi-gantry cranes and these are typically used outside in warehouses, shipyards as well as in other places where large loads are required to be moved from one place to another, at a quick pace. These cranes are known as semi-gantry cranes as one half of the crane is supported by the building itself whereas other half is supported by the beam.

As far as the motor used in these cranes is concerned, these may be powered by hydraulic or electric motors but that will depend on the amount of weight that is required to be lifted by the crane. These cranes are available in many different classifications. Some of the cranes are capable of lifting a huge amount of weight whereas others are designed to lift only a few tons of weight. As far as the design is concerned, it is typically used in places where there isn’t enough space or need of a gantry crane. It also helps in saving money.

Semi Gantry Crane
Semi Gantry Crane

As far as various uses of semi-gantry cranes are concerned, these can be used in a wide variety of applications but simply put, these are used for lifting heavy loads. As mentioned in the beginning, these are used in a wide variety of industries including warehouses, shipyards as well as factory floors. The only difference between semi-gantry cranes and gantry cranes is that in a semi-gantry crane, support is provided by the structure in addition to the beam. Know more via

A semi-gantry crane is available in a wide variety of models with a variety of features. The choice of model will depend on your specific requirements. There are hundreds of manufacturers of semi-gantry cranes spread all across the world but it does not mean that you should choose a company offering semi-entry crane at the lowest price. It will be a big mistake. Keep in mind that a semi-gantry crane failure can lead to loss of lives. Therefore, you need to pay extra attention to the safety aspect when buying this type of machinery.

Double Girder Semi Gantry Crane
Double Girder Semi Gantry Crane

The best way to make sure that the product you are buying will be able to withstand the kind of loads that it is expected to lift is to buy it from a manufacturer known for making high-quality industrial equipment. It does not mean that you need to buy the most expensive semi-gantry crane available in the market.

It is important for you to shop around but instead of focusing only on the price, you should pay more attention to the reputation of the manufacturer regarding the quality of their products as well as their quality control processes. There are many overseas companies that have earned a good reputation by consistently supplying high-quality equipment at affordable prices. So, check out those overseas companies in addition to your local suppliers in order to make the right decision. Interested in overhead and gantry crane? go here